Our Products

The organic olive oil that comes from our olive trees is really great. The favorable exposure and the properties of the ground allow to obtain an oil with strong characteristics.

The edible oils are products of a lipid that are located in the liquid state at room temperature. Vegetable oils are generally derived from the pressing of oil seeds (eg sunflowers, peanuts, etc.).


To have a good wine from our vineyards, all in organic (certified by ICEA), are applied, and only when necessary, only copper and sulfur. The plowing is entirely mechanical and manual, no use of herbicides.

In July, the green harvest is carried out, limiting the average yield per plant around a kilo. The gathering takes place exclusively in manual mode with careful selection in the vineyard, grapes, placed in boxes of about 20 kg within a few hours after harvest is transported to the cellar where it is processed immediately. Both the fermentation and aging - lasting 10 months - takes place in steel vats.

Maialino arrosto
The Casale del Grillo also own a herd of pigs, and grew up exclusively fed by our expert staff, with healthy and high quality foods.

Our pork dishes are then served with our livestock. The highlight of our restaurant is the "Pig Roast".